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Computer Intro


Computer is an electronic device which can be calculate mathematical calculation and logical problem solve and create some files and management data.

Types of computer

Computer is divided into three types according to work.

1. Analog computer

2. Digital computer

3. Hybrid Computer


1. Analog computer

It is special purpose machine which perform a particular work and most often used in the field of science. example – thermometer, Voltmeter, Radars etc.

2. Digital computer

it is operated for counting. it Express all qualities in number. It can perform calculation on number and operate.

3. Hybrid computer

This type of computer describes the feature of analog and digital computer are sometimes combined by create hybrid computer.

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Input device and output device

A computer system can be divided into two parts.

1. Hardware

2. Software

Hardware –

1. Input device – keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Light pen, Punch card, Barcode reader, Microphone, Floppy, Compact disk, Digital camera.

2. Output device – Monitor, Printer, Speaker, Plotter etc. 

input device All instructions which are given to the computer are brown as input the device through which which are give in put to the computer are brown as input devices input devices are the most important part of a computer some important input device are



Keyboard it is Standard Input device it has number keys marked from 0 to 9 all the letters of the English alphabet A to Z special symbols function keys the escape key page down key and page up ki space bar ki and finally two inter or return keys the keyboard also has number locks all the input enter through keyboard enter the Ram and then from main CPU process the process helps in the Ram and so the output of the monitor

Alphabetic keys A to z

Number key o to 9

Function keys f1 to f2

Cursor control key

Special keys esc page up page down enter space bar etc.

Mouse it is an input as well as a pointing device it is a small unit with around boll and bottom with 2 or 3 depressions switches at the top IT enables the user to move the pointer on the screen by Rolling it on a flat surface it is used for varied purpose it is used to pointed or highlight icons folder and image on the screen of computer if we click of the icon from the left button then that I can’t sell selected and if we click it again the program excuse me starts

Light pen it is all pointing device it helps us to locate the cursor of at different point on the screen it also give commands to icons and excuse the program rope represented by it

Panch card machine card reader it is used to feed data to computer with the help of punch cards they are really used nowadays barcode reader it is used in obtical technology to scan barcode and translate them into meaningful data a bar code is a set of steps of lines signifying certain quantitative and quantitative feature of a product can be found the to the on the back cover page of most books

It is device which converts the picture graphic in a digital form and store it into a file so that the computer can read a mark change in the file microphone it is used to convert to feed feed was data this voice can be so inverted into the text or it may be understood by the software to excuse some commands floppy compact disc and zip files driver secondary storage devices but we can also use them to feed our program only those program programs that can read such program that read data search program MS we use the data stored by these media they are also called input devices

Digital camera it is used to directly captured the image into an electrical computer radiable form its capture in as can be printed trance trance read to the computer transformed to the computer are mail

Output device after the CPU inside the computer finished processing some devices are required to show the result or give the output this is done by output devices the monitor printer and speaker are the output devices a bring description of output devices is a given blow video visual display unit it is the most common output device that is used to display the output is just like TV which give the result on screen monitor and various such as 1579 and 21 and monitors are capable of displaying millions of colors shades now a days

Printer it is also an output devices which is so source the result in paper the print is known as the known as he read copy a printer is a print may be black and white as well as colours as our choice features of computer or characteristics of computer number one speed number 2 diligence number 3 accuracy number 4 automation number 5 versatility

Speed the computer in the past one not have very fast speed but now a day due to the invention of microphone class for it has been very fast and perform well a well of calculation within a fraction of a second most mode modern computer perform task in a Menu I second

Accuracy accuracy means correctness a computer never does any mistake save the interactions of input data and hardware devices are correct it always perform each and every task with hundred percent accuracy diligence like that human being computer never feel tired and board to do a some task repair Delhi the computer can perform the some task with the same speed and accuracy for long time if it is a provided the suitable environment and correct instructions versatility modern computer can perform various types of jobs efficiently some computers can be used in bank School Shopping Centre Cyber Home etc for doing the friend types of task automation being a purple programme machine modern computer can be programmed in such as a way that it can perform a serious of task automatically after it has been started modern digital computer does not need women operator to give the front types of commands desktop when open a computer then comes a screen we can caught desktop I can’t many small pictures and files on the desktop screen is called icons recycle bin when we delete and cut files win the recycle bin than the store Taskbar it is bottom on the desktop screen left side start menu and write sad time and display when we create data and write a confirmation it is called file folder where we can put the files with more information we call folder my computer we can save data and other information

Uses of computer now a days computer is an important part of our life computer is using in every field for example desktop publishing Medical Science transport administration business and e-commerce education internet or networking

Limitation of computer computer is very high coasted and sometimes it is very dangerous units of Computer memory computer cannot understand by its understand only machinery language only two digits in binary members 0 ,1

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